We've been given this information to put out...

Please don't leave the children in the car!  At Tonyfelin Medical Centre, Caerffili, on 3rd January someone popped a sample in to the surgery, she was gone just a few minutes and when she got back there was a man sat in her drivers seat but her two grandchildren were in there too! She screamed at him and he ran off into a van.

Please make sure you keep all your vehicle doors locked when you're inside and even if you park for any length of time and get out, even if there are children in the car make sure you lock the vehicle and then lock it again when you get back in your vehicle.

Another incident we've been told about on the weekend for the start of January is..

A lady from Sir Stafford Close on Parc Avenue was mugged at knifepoint.  She was coming back from Tesco Crossways, she was halfway up the garages in the next street when a man approached her and asked the time.

She looked down and he said I've got a knife give me your cash.  She had just been to the cash point and got 40 out. She's not hurt but shaken up, this took place at 8-45am. Her mobile was also taken. The lady was in a wheelchair so was probably an easy target.

Please take care and be aware of your surroundings, and don't forget we sell personal attack alarms that can be paid for via paypal or credit/debit card and for p&p on top posted to you for your conveneince, or by cash/credit/debit/contactless from me in person.

Another thing I've been told today by the police is that front door handles in Virginia View and Lower Graig y Rhacca have been tried over the weekend.

Again we on the panel remind you to keep all your doors and windows locked, and if you're responding to a knock on the front door, make sure your back door is locked to make sure you're not a victim of a distraction burglary.

Again don't forget we also sell window/door chime/alarms - they're only little and can be attached to any window and window frame and door and door frame as the chime/alarm is triggered when the magnet between two parts is broken - and these are just 2-50 a set and again can be paid for using paypal or credit/debit card and for p&p posted to you for your convenience or using cash/debit/credit/contactless from me in person.

Please don't forget any time you're involved in an incident or you see or hear something suspicious, please phone the police on 01633 838111 then option 4 and don't forget to get a log number before you take to Facebook to post and then you can add your log number to help others in the same situation then they can use your log number to report their incident, a log number is the only way to prove you've reported anything to the police, just saying 'police informed' or 'police involved' in a status is not proof that you have indeed phoned the police, a log number also helps me get updated information to then update you on here or on our Facebook page.

Please be aware friends if you're using ATM's to get cash in the run up to Christmas, a home made cash trap device has been found on the ATM at Tesco Crossways.

The ATM technician repair man informed the attending officer that he was aware of three other similar incidents in the Ystrad area but these have not been reported to the police.

Please friends it's VITAL that ANY incident should be reported to the police on 01633 838111 then option 4 (notice I didn't say 101)  not just this incident and ask for a log number that way you know it's been logged in their computer.




 Do you want to give something back to your community? Are you looking to do some volunteer work? We as a panel are looking for volunteers to join us, we meet in the Church opposite Bedwas Police Station every other month for an hour or two in the afternoon (depending on what we have to discuss) - usually a wednesday - if you live in St Martins, St James, Bedwas, Trethomas, Machen, Llanbradach, Penyrheol, Trecenydd, Aber Valley, Morgan Jones or Energlyn wards then we're looking for you to join our panel.

During our meetings we discuss what's going on locally and if there is anything we can do to help reduce crime in the areas and raise awareness to residents on how they can help themselves stay safe in their homes, gardens, vehicles, work and while out and about shopping or to and from work/school/college/university. We attend events that we're invited to like fetes and fundraisers where we have crime prevention advice leaflets we can give to people and just generally talk to them if they need reassurance or help and advice along with promoting our security items we have for sale (please take a look at our security items for sale page), we also offer a free bike security marking service.

We also have a Facebook page where you can see what we do at Caerphilly and District Crime Prevention Panel & Caerffili Nhw.

So if you're interested in joining our panel and giving something back to your community, please fill out the 'join us' form on this website and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Every panel member has to fill out a dbs/crb form to join the panel and every year, don't let that put you off after all it's just a form.


We've received the following information..

A 76 year old female who lives with her elderly husband in the Caerffili area received a call off a male at 11am on Thursday 1st March 2018, the male identified himself as Sergeant 159 Andrew Johnson, stating he was calling from Scotland Yard.

He stated there had been some fraudulent activity on her account and large amounts of money had been withdrawn. He advised her to withdraw the cash left in her account - a large amount of cash ...- and told her a colleague of his would be along in the next hour to collect it from her and keep it safe, telling her that once the investigateion was completed he would deposit it back into her account.

The male told the female to tell the bank she was going to buy some new furniture for her house if they enquired. The lady agreed and withdrew the cash from her bank account. The male told her she could call 161 to check he was genuine, however the male did not hang up the phone and kept the line open so when she rang 161, she believe the call was genuine as the person on the other end of the phone confirmed what she had been told. The female called her son who advised her to not hand the money over to anyone and the police were called.

If you receive a similar call please contact the police on 01633 838111 then option 2 and make sure any elderly and vulnerable relatives and friends know about this.

Please also remember any company that owes you a refund will either send you a cheque through the post or they'll send you a statement telling you your account is in credit and asking you to contact them to arrange a refund. No company unfortunately can deposit your refund back into your bank account, trust me I've asked when I've been in credit, so if you receive a text or an email asking you to confirm your information and bank account details to receive your refund, DO NOT CLICK ANY LINK as it will be a scam!

Please remember any incident of any kind please phone the police on 01633 838111 then option 2 and always ask for a log number that way you know the incident has been logged in the computer, the number may be longer than 101 but at least you'll know how much you're going to be charged for the call. At the end of the day if it's not reported to the police they can't be expected to do anything about it can they?

Please do send me an email if you know of any incident, no matter what it is, and you want me to share it on here and on our facebook page, and please make sure you phone the police to report every single incident, no matter how small you may think it is, or any information about any incident you have, again, no matter how small you may think it is, it may just be the information the police need - and DON'T phone the police on 101, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS on 01633 838111 then option 2 and ask for a log number, that way you know it's been logged on the computer. And please make sure you phone the police if you've been involved in an incident BEFORE you put it on facebook, that way you can add your log number to your post so that anyone with any information can get the right information to the right report when they phone the police.

Never give out your information, especially bank or card details to anyone on the phone that phones you UNLESS you know they're going to be phoning and you know they're genuine.

The only time I give out my personal information is if I know someone is going to be phoning me and they need my name and address confirmed to know it's me, and then I make a point of saying to them 'I'm only confirming this information for you now because I knew you were phoning and you need the information'.

Several times I've asked a company on the phone to please add a note to my account in bold somewhere near the top of my account details to let whoever intends to phone me know that I won't confirm my personal details to anyone that phones me so don't bother phoning, although these days I don't get that many calls as I have the BT8500 advanced call blocker phone and boy it's a fabulous system!

If you get a phone call that seems really quiet and you hear the person on the other end of the phone saying to you 'can you hear me?' DO NOT SAY YES! Say something along the lines of I can hear you fine or no problems this end or even no I can't. This is a new form of a trick scam whereby the caller will ask if you can hear them and if you accidentally without thinking say yes then they use that against you by taking out any form of credit agreement in your name for absolutely anything at all they're trying to sell, and if and when it comes time for you to pay and you possibly get a letter or someone knocking the door, whatever way they try and ask you for payment will be the first time you know you took out a contract for something you didn't want and have no way of paying it.

When you try and question the contract by contacting them they will then say, well we had your verbal agreement on the phone, you said 'yes', that is possibly the first time you'll realise what happened and by then it could possibly be too late.

So please, if anyone phones and the first thing they say is 'can you hear me?' either hang up the phone, if it's a number or person you don't know or weren't expecting or just give one of the responses I gave above.

For those of you who have no access to Facebook to check into our new page on there - Caerphilly and District Crime Prevention Panel & Caerffili Nhw - here is some rather worrying information I've just shared on there that everyone needs to know about shared from ITV news page....




A sophisticated new mobile phone scam is charging customers hundreds of pounds for calls they don't make.

Victims are being hit with huge bills after being contacted by numbers beginning in 0845 or 0843.

The scam affects some people whether they answer the calls, ignore them or call the number back, an investigation by Money Mail has found.

Customers complained after receiving enormous bills with itemised logs showing outgoing calls lasting up to 12 hours to premium rate numbers.

Ofcom has confirmed it is an industry wide problem affecting customers on several networks. 

One theory is that criminals are buying the premium numbers, setting fees high and then hacking customers' phones.

Vodafone customer Ruth Dance, from Bracknell, Berkshire, was billed 300 after being called from 08439800146. Another customer, Diana Dentith, From Lowestoft, in Suffolk, told the paper her usual monthly bill of 9 shot up to 375 after she missed a call from 08454290015.

She said that Vodafone initially told her that she must have called the number for 12 hours.

The firm told ITV News it has now reimbursed 'anyone that we know about' and said that customers who fear they have been targeted should dial 191.

It said it is working with regular Ofcom and other mobile operators 'to identify and close down this issue as soon as possible.'

EE customers have also complained of being hit by charges for calls they did not make.

The firm has been contacted for comment.

Telecommunications expert Ben Levitan said: 'There are people who spend their lives looking at phone companies' systems and ways to make money from them. People share these secrets online and use them, but the criminals can be very hard to trace and catch.'

Ofcom said it is 'very concerned' by the scam and said it is working with industry experts and mobile operators.


Personally on my mobile phone via the 'playstore' I've downloaded the TrueCaller, TrueMessenger and TrueDialler apps, which are free, and enable me to block calls I don't recognise, and it lets me report any calls that are nuisance and dodgy, and it lets me identify where someone is calling from anywhere in the world along with their name and company, and I recently purchased the Bt8500 advanced call blocker home phone - dual phone package with answer machine - from Amazon, which enables me to block unwanted calls and make those who are not in my phone book announce who they are then I get the choice whether to answer the phone or to block the caller and number or whether to send the call to answer machine. 

There are a number of various scams around these days and they're getting cleverer and cleverer with their approach.

Whether it's by phone, text, email or letter the advice is basically the same.

If you receive a letter telling you you've won the lottery or a raffle but you need to contact someone and pay an administration fee to release your award money or prize, stop and think, did you pay for an entry into a raffle or lottery? If the answer to this question is no then think again, if I didn't pay for an entry how could I have won anything? Unfortunately no one gives us anything for free these days.

If someone you don't know phones you whether on the home phone or mobile and asks you to confirm your details to them, please stop and think, this person from this company is phoning me so they already have my number and chances are when you answered the phone they possibly asked for you by name, so they already know your name also. 

These days I personally have caller display on my home phone and an answer machine attached to it, so anyone that phones me at home, everything comes up on my caller display so if I don't recognise the name of the caller, that means they're not in my address book for a reason, if I don't recognise the number it means they're not important enough for me to allocate them a slot in my phone with a number or company name attached, so everyone gets the same treatment now.....if the number is unavailable I'm unavailable to answer the call......if it's witheld, then I'm witholding my abililty to answer the phone unless they have the decency to leave a message or say who they are when the machine beeps....if it's an international caller then I'm definitely not available to answer the call and that too goes through my answer machine to be screened, and as my outgoing message on my answer machine basically says that if you're calling about neighbourhood watch or OWL then please call this other number - which I then give out on the message - or for anything else please leave your name and message after the tone....9 times out of 10 as soon as they hear neighbourhood watch they hang up...that tells me everything I need to know as in they're a nuisance or dodgy caller.

If you receive a text on your mobile phone, or an email on your computer, asking you to click on a link - even if the email seems to be from a friend or family member - DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK - chances are it's a virus that will either infect your mobile or computer or it's installing what they call a back door into your computer so that any personal information you type in or passwords or banking or card details, the person will then have all your information - this is called a phishing scam - if it seems to be from a friend or family member, then contact that person first and ask them if they sent you this email, chances are they didn't and they will need to change their password on their email account.  This goes for any emails claiming to be your bank or building society - THEY WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO CONFIRM YOUR DETAILS WHETHER PERSONAL OR BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS PASSWORDS OR PINS THEY ALREADY KNOW WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW - and if you get an email claiming to be off Paypal asking you to confirm or verify your information or that you've paid for something you haven't or you're owed a refund, forward that email onto - emails from Paypal will always start with Hello Mr or Mrs or Miss (and your surname) or Hello Tracy (or whatever your name is) if in doubt don't reply and forward it to the spoof email address.

If anyone ever contacts you in any way wanting you to confirm or verify your personal details, tell them politely that you need to call them back, then hang up the phone - if they give you a number to phone them back on, by all means write it down BUT DO NOT PHONE IT chances are it's someone in cahoots with them, find a letter or bill you've received from the genuine company you deal with and phone them back using the number on the headed letter or bill and let them know you've had a call and ask them if they've called you, if you can get the name of the person on the original call.

The same as anyone knocking your door - charity workers etc - if they ask for your personal details and banking information just ask them for a card or any information on their group for you to look at later in your own time, if they're genuine they should be able to give you whatever you ask them for - for your own peace of mind we advise everyone to never give out your personal information on your doorstep or in a place that's public, whether that be a street or in the middle of a shop or bank even as you never know who's listening and making notes on your information. If someone on your doorstep wants money (which usually that's their reason for knocking) just tell them politely that you don't have a bank account and the next time you see one of their charity collection boxes while you're in town shopping, you'll put some money in that as again you don't know what they're going to do with any cash you give them on the doorstep or what they're going to do with your bank details.  If in doubt say no.

If you have any questions about anything on here, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me by the email address here - Tracy on



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