On the next page you will find a form you are asked to fill out if you would like to join the Caerphilly and District Crime Prevention Panel but before you do please read this page and then decide if the panel is something you would like to get involved in.


As the homepage says the Crime Prevention Panel is made up of Police officers, Crime Reduction officers, Council Members, Neighbourhood Watch representatives and members of the general public who want to make a difference in reducing crime in their local area.

We meet at Caerphilly Police Station on a wednesday afternoon usually at 2-30pm every few months and everything we do is on a voluntary basis no-one gets paid for being on the panel or for any events we take part in.  Every year we have our caravan at the Big Cheese which is manned by panel members who take shifts and we use this opportunity to give out advice to anyone who wants more information about securing their homes cars and families from any potential crime, we occasionally have a few freebies that we can give away and we also have a number of security items - the items you can also purchase through the website on another page - which we take the opportunity to promote and sell at the Big Cheese to raise funds.

We have also in the past been asked to attend local events such as fetes and fundraisers at local schools to promote what we do so anyone wishing to become a member of the panel would be expected to give up a little of their time to take a shift if any event like this comes up during the time you are a panel member.

So if you think you are the kind of person we are looking for - you must be aged 18 or over - and you can contribute something to the panel then please do not hesitate to fill out the 'Join Us' form on the following page.  Please be aware on receipt of your application to join the panel the panel members will discuss each applicant and anyone who is then asked to join the panel will then be asked to fill in and sign a quick and simple 'check' form this is for Police Files only and all information will be kept confidential.


Thank You  


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